Report on WASH in Health Project

Project Location: Tahirpur Upazila, Sunamganj

Project Duration: April 2016 to March 2019


To enhance capacity of community, local allies, community clinic, FWC, UHC, LGI have created opportunities for hard-to-reach poor communities in availing WaSH facilities, health & nutrition services at Tahirpur Upazila under Sunamganj district.


  1. To improve WASH situation in the Community for enhancing health and nutrition statues.
  2. To improve WASH situation in healthcare facilities for safe and convenient access to services.
  3. To strengthen knowledge of health workforce for improved and sustainable WASH.
  4. To strengthen capacity of Union Parisad (UP) through providing WASH relevant technical and financial assistance to create access to WASH
  5. Community people are aware and active on WASH rights and responsibilities

Completion activities of this year (January 17 – December 17)

Sl. # Name of Activity Achievement
Quantity Population coverage
01 Number of HCF facilities supported by handwashing facility 11 288
02 Number of HCF supported by renovated latrine facility 11 288
03 Number of HCF facilities supported by new water facility 11 288
04 Number of MHM sessions conducted at community 80 1155
05 Number of hand washing facilities (including water and soap) installed at household 1865 11751
06 Number of hygiene promotion sessions conducted at community 106 1616
07 Number of sessions conducted with mothers of under five children 73 1040
08 Number of campaigns organized for WASH promotion at communities 15 2167
09 Number of basic latrines renovated for improvement at household (HH) 1140 7066
10 Number of improved latrine installed at household 719 4499
11 Number of safe drinking water facilities/source installed 4 28
12 Number of safe drinking water facilities/source rehabilitated 7 43
13 Number of water facility installed at household 21 148
14 Number of water facility renovated at household 7 42
15 Number of capacity building events organized for duty bearers ( UP body, Operation and Management to Community Group, Responsibility of Community Group, Health staff, Vendor/supplier on WASH) 23 412
16 Number of events for advocacy organized (NGO, GO, fund generation for Community Clinic, Patient consultation on health service, budget advocacy with Union Parisod) 33 1841